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CS 5460

It has up to 10 times more bristles than normal toothbrush – 5460 Curen® filaments protect your gums while thoroughly removing biofilm from the sulcus area. Compact head with slight angulation makes it easy to reach every area, while octagonal head help you find the correct angle for brushing.

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This toothbrush has a particularly small head with 7600 Curen® filaments, even more gentle than before, while preserving the effectiveness of our famous CS 5460. Octagonal handle helps with the brushing angle and extra small head gives our younger users ability to brush like their parents.

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IAP Probe

We believe that guessing is fair, while measuring is professional. Our interdental access probe is a very unique product in the market that determines the size of interdental brush for each interdental space. Thanks to color coding, it is really easy to determine the right size of brush you need for your spaces.

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DF 846 implant saver

The elastic microfiber- floss implant-saver cleans the particularly critical areas of implants: thread it around the implant along the gums and slowly pull it through with alternating tensioning and relaxing movements.

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Curasept ADS®

Only chlorhexidine that patients actually use. With formula that guarantees no discoloration, pleasant taste and well known CHX effectiveness, it makes a perfect product range for the patient that needs good care. With the addition of PV-PVA and Hyaluronic acid it sets the new standards in periodontal care.

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All of our toothpastes are SLS-free and triclosan – free. The enzymes in Enzycal supports the saliva`s antibacterial effect. With combination of amyloglucosidase, glucoseoxidase and lactoperoxidase, we guarantee natural and long-lasting oral care.

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