The Skills Beyond the Drill

General denistry

1 CE

Speaker: Jack Dillenberg DDS, MPH

Leadership is an essential skill beyond the drill in today’s workforce for achieving the integration of oral health in primary care. The 21st Century Dentist will require cultural diversity, partnerships and an under-standing of the social values of the future.

They will understand the need for oral health services for those at risk and those with special needs. A good leader will create positive change in the community and in their organizations. As an innovator, the dentist will utilize mobile technology as a source of health information.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the qualities required for good leadership.
  • Describe the importance of mobile technology as a source of health infor-mation for the underserved.
  • Understand the value of social entrepreneurship and the impact it has on im-proving health.
  • Discover the importance of cultural diversity, partnerships, and understand-ing social values.
  • Recognize what qualities an effective leader must have to create positive change in the community.

Release date:Tuesday 30 May, 06:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 29 May, 06:00 PM