The link between Egyptian architecture and modern periodontics

General denistry

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Speaker: Eric Thevissen DDS, MSc

Periodontal charting functions as a geographical map. It enables the practitioner to compare the actual situation with previous charts and as a consequence, it can illustrate the progress of periodontal disease.

Furthermore, in more experienced hands, a periodontal chart is helpful to estimate risk assessment. Accompanied by a radiographic status and clinical slides of the mouth, the periodontal chart is helpful when discussing inter-disciplinary treatment planning.

What is the sequence of the protocol and where exactly does the data have to be filled? Which parameters are registered and what is the value set of each parameters? Within the webinar, the handling of particularities such as charting implants or root-amputated natural teeth will be discussed. Tips and tricks may facilitate the task and finally, to be certain of the accuracy of your results, double checking and calibrating together with a colleague is always recommended.

Release date:Tuesday 8 May, 06:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 7 May, 06:00 PM