Something to Chew on...

General denistry

1 CE

Speaker: Judy Bendit RDH, BS

Food impactions, expanding restorations, temperature sensitivity, xerostomia, grinding, and erosion are just a few of the many issues our patients will face as they grow older.

Just like all of us, our patients are advancing in age and are facing some complicated age-related consequences. This overview looks at some of the contributing factors that will be affecting our aging patients and provides an opportunity to discuss their personal, and our professional dilemmas. We will chew on the facts and spit out potential solutions that will help us all age tastefully. Learning objectives of the course:

  • Identify the difference between hyposalivation and xerostomia.
  • Look at the challenges with xerostomia and possible solutions.
  • Recognize changes intraorally (attrition, wear, erosion…)
  • Evaluate in-office and home aides for patients’ home care protocol.

Release date:Tuesday 14 August, 11:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 13 August, 11:00 PM