Running your dental office – does one size fit all?

General denistry

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Speaker: Goran Tošić PhD MSc DDS

In pursuit for perfection (and personal satisfaction) tailor your own dental practice according to your own preferences, skills, talents, and local demands - and you will be successful!

Working from Norway to Botswana, from Libya to UAE, I witnessed the differences between North and South, West and East, and significant gaps and distinctions in health systems, and health insurance plans in the world related to dental service. Through following presentation I would like to discuss some of generally accepted business models, with hints, tips, and advises for developing successful dental practice. It may provokes you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your own business model. The final result may be optimization, and reducing the risks of your own business model, or to develop a new one.

Dentists are specific fraction of professionals who are self-selected in pursuit for perfection, and we are driven by constant desire to make things better! This could be the common pattern for all dentist all over the world, but it isn’t. In most cases The Economical Factor of specific environment are factors for dentist to deviate from the path of perfection. In some cases cultural diversities as well can be highly influential in setting dental business. However, patients really don’t care about our technologies, new equipment and materials, and they simply try to resolve the problem, or to fulfil their needs. At this point the bottom line of all our discussions should emphasize the importance of prevention.

Since there is no magic formula for success, we have to adopt new approaches in order to grow and change on our way to personal satisfaction, influencing colleagues and patients with personal enthusiasm and Happiness Factor in everyday dental practice.

Release date:Tuesday 25 September, 06:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 24 September, 06:00 PM