Novel noninvasive composite restorations - low risk, high sustainability

General denistry

1 CE

Speaker: Ivo Krejci

Up to now, adhesive restorative materials were inserted into conventional cavity preparations.

This old fashioned thinking is now over. Adhesion allows for retention and seal and these two properties allow for a completely new kind of restorative dentistry. Instead of drilling and filling, early diagnosis within a lifelong dental coaching concepts allows for adhesive sealing and for application of noninvasive adhesive restorative techniques. The lecture will focus on such a concept and will present clinical examples of adhesive sealings and noninvasive adhesive composite restorations.

Learning Objectives

Learn the concept of life-long dental coaching and about the new noninvasive restorative techniques within such a concept.

Release date:Tuesday 8 September, 12:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 7 September, 12:00 PM