Early malformation of the jaw and its effect on breathing

General denistry

1 CE

Speaker: Dayo Oliver

This webinar will explain the jaw development in infants, provide an introduction to causes of malformation in the jaw and mouth and present clinical evidence for a new pacifier which prevents misalignments and supports nasal breathing.

After a decade of working as a midwife and being a mother of three children, I have experienced different physiological jaw development in infants. Genetic causes, heavy thumb sucking and standard pacifiers often lead to malocclusion, as the tongue presses the soft part of the dummy on to the gingivae when sucked. A crossbite, combined with an open bite, can lead to mouth breathing, which is a significant cause of delayed mental, intellectual and physical development of children.

In fact, negative effects of mouth breathing can be caused by jaw malformation. A narrow palate impedes breathing, as we need a certain amount of space for air in order to breathe through our nose. The main difference between nasal breathers and mouth breathers is that people who breathe through their mouth are more susceptible to infection. In particular, excessive pacifier use can lead to jaw malformation and mouth breathing if the pacifier pushes into the middle of the palate and prevents the tongue from pressing on the side of the palate.

This webinar has three goals:

  • Explaining the physiological jaw development in infants
  • Providing an introduction to causes of malformation in the jaw and mouth
  • Presenting clinical evidence that the Curaprox pacifier prevents jaw misalignment

The right pacifier, such as the Curaprox Baby pacifier, promotes the proper development of the palate and jaws by preventing misaligned teeth, problems caused by mouth breathing, and skin irritation. Its flat tip ensures sufficient space for the tongue, while the side wings guide the suction pressure in the optimal direction. It helps children breathe through the nose, thereby reducing the risk of infections, and ensures optimum development of the jaw and mouth.

Release date:Tuesday 4 July, 05:00 PM
Expiration date:Friday 3 July, 05:00 PM