David Williams PhD


Prof. David Williams is the head of the oral and biomedical sciences research theme at the Cardiff University’s School of Dentistry. Williams is also a principle investigator within the Microbial Diseases Research Group, where his studies primarily focus on microbial biofilms and their association with human infection. Over 65% of hospital infections have a biofilm origin and the treatment of these infections is highly problematic given their high resistance to antimicrobials. As such, biofilm research is extremely important and also timely, given global concerns over the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). To facilitate his research, Williams has expertise in biofilm modelling, profiling microbial communities and analysis of microbial gene expression. Ongoing research projects involve the study of the oral microbiome and its relationship with cardiovascular health, assessing how the biofilm environment modulates behavior and virulence of associated opportunistic pathogens, and how oral biofilms may contribute to respiratory infections. 

Webinars with David Williams PhD