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It is carried out with the aim of facilitating the consensus development of best practices. All the subjects’ interproximal spaces were evaluated using the reference technique (colorimetric probe), then after

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Detection of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 in Gingival Crevicular Fluid of Gingival Sulcus/Periodontal Pocket Using Polymerase Chain Reaction

Authors: Sanja Matić Petrović, Ksenija Zelić, Jelena Milašin, Branka Popović, Obrad Zelić, Ana Pucar DDS, MSc, PhD.

Herpes viruses may bridge the gap between clinical characteristics and molecular understanding of periodontal destruction. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of herpes simplex virus type 1

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Expression and mutation analysis of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein G in human oral cancer

Authors: Ki-Hyuk Shin, Reuben H. Kim, Bo Yu, Mo K. Kang, David Elashoff, Russell Christensen, No-Hee Park, Ana Pucar DDS, MSc, PhD.

We previously reported that wild type (wt) hnRNP G exhibited tumor suppressive activity in human oral squamous cell carcinoma (HOSCC) cell lines lacking hnRNP G. Wt hnRNP G markedly inhibited

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Behavioral Factors

Author: Dominick Zero

The manner that dietary acids are introduced into the mouth (gulping, sipping, use of a straw) will affect how long the teeth are in contact with the erosive challenge. The

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Bleaching of Nonvital Teeth

Author: Brigitte Zimmerli

Today, the bleaching of nonvital, discolored teeth is a low-risk routine treatment for improving esthetics. This review article focuses on the etiology of tooth discolorations, different treatment techniques, and risks

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The aim of this prospective, controlled clinical study was to analyze endodontic working length measurements in preexisting cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans and to compare them with clinical root canal

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The low pH of oral care products increases the chemical stability of some fluoride compounds and favours the incorporation of fluoride ions in the lattice of hydroxyapatite and the precipitation

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Restorative Therapy of Erosive Lesions

Authors: Anne Peutzfeldt PhD, Thomas Jaeggi PhD, Adrian Lussi PhD

Until some 20 years ago, the severely eroded dentition could only be rehabilitated by the provision of extensive crown and bridge work or removable overdentures. As a result of the

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Hygiene C.E. Magazine - 1/2013

Authors: Elvir Dincer DDS, Gail Y. Malone RDH, BS, Gerhard Mora CDT, BS, Reneé C. Graham RDH, MEd, Salim Rayman RDH, MPA, Shirley Branam RDH, MBA

PART I Title: Air Polishing Authors: Salim Rayman, RDH, MPA, and Elvir Dincer, DDS Learning objectives: Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to: Discuss the indications for use of air polishing Review

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